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for now on.. [Mar. 31st, 2005|06:36 pm]
[mood |full.. just ate an burrito!]
[music |You dont mean anything_Simple Plan*]

ok this is gonna be nice and' sweet =D
for now on, since i have a "myspace"
im gonna update my life on there
because its easier, and i get
mail and you see pics on
that website, and i bet
there are pics on here
too but i cant get
them - oo godd
^^ ITS A SLANT! x0

well.. its just easier than going to both
sites, but people who read this, they can
go to myspace and just check it out there
and who ever wants to see these old ones
then they can, and im just spitting out
really bad thoughts lol! OK BYE NOW!<3
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.. wow! - that explains the day =\ [Mar. 29th, 2005|09:13 pm]
[mood |ecstatic..my hair's finally WAVYYYY]
[music |Soldier_Destiny's Child]

Deep inside your soul there's a hole you don't wanna see
Every single day what you say makes no sense to me
Even though I try I can't get my head around you
-[cant get my ?!]

today was stressful, but funnnn kinda?!
went to Crystal*s then the Burlington Movie Theatar
- it was so cool, the seats were like love seats =)
crystal's mom, crystal, ian, and me saw Miss Conguinatlity 2?
s-0-r-R-y cant spell* as you should know haha

went back to crystal*s house, for like 1 hr, then home.
nothing really exciting, some little fights thats noRmaL
im so bored/tired right now, im soo happy at the same time
i tried srunching my hair a diFf way.. and it totally worked!

ill update lateR on.
x0- dayna
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..crazzzzzzy day!! [Mar. 28th, 2005|09:52 pm]
[mood |touched.. somebody loves me!]
[music |On top_ The killers<3]

alright, woke up at 8:21 = perceise!
went to Othro to see sis get braces off
which i hated, because ive had mine on longer!
BUMMER!! then went to Dunkin' Donuts =)
went home,watched my fav. movie(A nightmare before christmas)
well only the sogns i liked, watched like 2 sections of Hewbrew Hammer
damnnn its so freakin' funny!! later that day went to Mtown Mall w/ camp ppl
it was crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - i watched something illegal [THE BUNNY]
ommmmg* the orgamism voices into the phone = Samantha<3! iloveyousfm x0 bff
like 20 mins after that took place ^^ sam n' me, watched Skaters fall down!
haha sucks for them! ouchhhheyyy then we meet Corie + Ashley from my school
Harrington[which im wearing that bright yellow sweatshirt]THESE HOT ASS SKATERS
KNEW MY NAME BECAUSE CORIE aka. SHIRELY WAS SCREAMING IT OUT, which i didnt know at that time!. and it was funny then went to the gym and thats about it
ill update whenever =]fun day- more to come!
by the wayy- i meet my secret bff "BECKY MEYERS<3333" iloveyoubabe!!
.. and i didnt know it!* its happening again <3
x0- mE
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.. nothing left to do [Mar. 25th, 2005|08:51 pm]
[mood |pissed off.. stuck in this place]
[music |Adia_Sarah McLachlan]

The world moves faster than I knew
Not fast enough to not creep up on you
And the space we put between
So pull me under your weather patterns
Your cold fronts and the rain don't matter
Because the sun burns what I needed
-Something Corporate

how do i begin? hmm, didnt do anything all day - watched movies
The day after tomorrow, Along came polly, The breakfast club<3^
went to Hathaway*s for dinner. ordered a Peach Snapple = obsessed over
and Nemo's Special. its french fries and shrimp since i dont like sea food
and i didnt want Lady & Tramp. which is spaghetti with one meatball i give
to me dad, because he craves that kinda shit.

as you can see my day was thrilling, but wtf its better than school right!?
ill update tomorrow - prob. going shopping =) - its like almost 12 and my eye is killing me, so im cranky [ my journal is very upsetting ].BUT.I.DONT.CARE.
x0- offkcuf
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SPRING BREAK BITCH!! [Mar. 24th, 2005|03:19 pm]
[mood |weird..off the walls <3]
[music |Build me up buttercup_The Temptations]

..omg so excitied and i just
cant hide it- i know, i know
i know I WANT YOU = break lol

anyways. today was so much fun!
made a sexyyy ass dinosaur in science
its name = some code that means dryknotskin
HAHAHA VERY CREATIVE [you get it.. ^^ nuts]*

uhmmmm almost got beaten up by marissa - jK??
got caught coping Carla's math homework *bAd GiRl!
hold on, what else i do oo yeah BOOK REPORT!! uuugh
i skipped lunch and finished that^^.. 7th period= instead
of world foods had a WaWa Hoagie ms. ostroff let me eat!!
saw marissa's presentation which was fantastic haha[iloveyou]

ITS SPRING BREAK.i think im seeing The Ring Two.im not going away
like some other rich assholes lol - jKKK im just not rich, you know?
ill update later this bReAk SINCE i have nothing to do
x0- h0b0 like aRg <3
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ILOVECOOLWHIP<3 [Mar. 23rd, 2005|05:49 pm]
[mood |exhausted..i need some pills!]
[music |Cool Whip Theme Sogn_ NO CLUE????]

--> yeah, i love it!!
whatever its made outta
i had like a whole gal.
of it afteRschooL* =)<--

anyways, no gym today! thank god
i had a major headache and its shitty
outside! when life is shitty, rock n' roll baby

well.. we had a fire drill today for like 20-30 mins
some stupid shit face pulled the fire bell? yeah thats
what its not called - im fucking slow today. now hes

well i got pulled outta science, went into ms. ostroff's room
who i love so its no big deal!! some stupid people took an interview
of me before 4th period.. and i hate them because of a stupid thingyy
earlier in the fast year and she asked me some random question"whos the hottest 8th grader" and i didnt wanna say that girls b.f, so i said Clayton Campbell who i did like in like 5th grade but then she brought him into the social stuides class. which was a shocker to deanna, carla and me.
ill update tomorrow or something
x0- gReEnDaYl0vEr*
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damn, only some months [Mar. 22nd, 2005|02:53 pm]
[mood |contemplative.. i want to go shop!]
[music |Dont wanna think about you_Simple Plan]

when i wake up here tomorrow
things will never be the same
and you'll always be this way
- simple plan <3

^ yeah, you must be thinking
wow.. she always has <3 in back
of every single journal - thats
because i fucking love music!!!

anyways. today was fine, kinda boring
i was dreaming about having money
and working this summer at Jcc camps
[my daycamp]* - then at the end of '05
ill finally get some money, and ill get
to buy clothes -> or ill save it all up

thats the smartest idea.. i guess?! yeah!
got lots of homework-book report due Thurs
so much god damn tests and shit coming but..

well.. ill update tomorrowish and ill tell you
how it went - how my shoe will fall off while
i try to kick n' run, just like last year in gym!
x0- sExYnEsS
s i n g l e*
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IM IN SCHOOL MAN!!!!! [Mar. 21st, 2005|10:01 am]
[mood |silly.. im a silly girl!!]
[music |The way you make me feel_Michael Jackson]

hahah im in school right now.. yeahh im cool as a cucumber!!*
well, today i have to go to the gym - uughhh so not into it anymore
i took a shower today hahah thats nice to say in my journal`<333

uhmmmmm yeah im a doRkkk = ahhaha amanda - iloveyougirl x0
MR. EDWARDS IS IN THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha
MIKE FURTUNA IS RIGHT NEXT TO ME, hes a [little horn dog]

ok ill update later. like tomorrow proB. at my house instead of sCHoOL
crystal - if you see this call me tonight about the gym [idk if ur better yet]
x0- mE aka. horn dog
..over and out boy <33

ive been meowing all weekend/today/!! CRAZY FRIDAY am.. in La watched "THE GRUDGE"<3 = greattt moviiie
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w0w.. ThAt SuMs iT uP [Mar. 20th, 2005|02:32 pm]
[mood |blank..nothing to say anymore]
[music |Get down_ Bow wow]

wow, this is werid typing on this site
that i havent written in for 3 weeks?!
i dont know, well my computer was getting
fixed so i had my AIM connection at all..
TODAY IS SPRING BITCH!!, hallughella * cant spell

damnn its so werid, well anyways this week/weekend
sucked badly. this week went fast though, this weekend
felt like 2 months! fri- didnt do anything, sat morning- went
to the gym w/ the horny amanda G. haa ilovehersfmm* that was
sooo fucking funny!!!! you had to be there.. but that night was
murder to all - i got deanna n' amanda to go to a fake pink floyd
concert my jew chester friend from JCC CAMPS was playing in that started
at 8 pm.. at this place were i had no clue was except in Cherry hill *\/*

okay that was settled, they came over my house and all.. and at like 7:00
we were ready and set and PUNK'D UP!! ahahahhaha funnny stuff there us emos!
but then my dad asked who was driving us home = my place, bcuz deAnna's dad
was picking her ^ at 10 [ SO THERE COMES THE DRAMAAAAA ] we couldnt go because there was no way home.. so my dad screwed it all up, we got letcured me the most and EVERYBODY WENT HOME <////3 IT WAS A HORRIBLE NIGHT you know, i hate saying that i was gonna do / be there but the hour before the whole plan that ive been wanting to go to for like 2 months or so couldnt do it after all IT SUCKS, THAT FEELING OF GULITINESS! =O ill update latuuur- x0 mE*
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..let it go [Feb. 23rd, 2005|02:51 pm]
[mood |envious.. wish i was in college]
[music |The reason_Hoobastank]

today was murder
made biscits in foods
.. well actually i cleaneD

supeR bad in science, i think
i gotta detention i will attend
to tomorrow - while i thought about
it in the hallway of dirt of harrington*

thats nice to do ^
well, im still havent found my damn pencil
case and my family is yelling at my to find it
but whatever i loved my pens & pencils = obsession

many things to do this month like reports//homework
..ugh i really wish i was in college and i had a car
WAIT!!- ill have my permit next year, ill be 16 buttt
if i even getta car. and actually get into college w/o
a help AID that follows + helps me out alot in highschool

VERY DOUBTFUL.. ill update lateR
xx- yeah <3
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IM HOME!!! [Feb. 21st, 2005|04:49 pm]
[mood |accomplished.. im a computer geek]
[music |Hello, goodbye_ Beatles <3]

hahahaha im home finally!! wow, this weekend was awesome
yeahh i went tubbing with Krystal in the Pocono Mountains <3
tomorrow we have school with reallllllllllly sucks balls!!
im doing a project right now.. its due tomorrow the 22nd =(

i ate so much junk while i was gone - i think im gonna puke
JUST KIDDING. it was all good i dont regret a thing [even the
coloring part] like dorks krystal n' me colored like 2 yr olds

i only regreting not going to Alex's - other friend has a partyy
Saturday afternoon from 12-3 i told her i would go to her party before
i knew about the mountainS - BUT WHATEVER ITS OVER NOW =/

well im glad i updateD when i said i was going to its Monday ofcourse
AND IM BACK IN NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY!! - shit gotta get wash out of the dryer
ill update tomorrow or somethingg
xx- wRiTeR
b r u i s e d < 3
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funnn funnnnn funnnnnn [Feb. 18th, 2005|09:26 pm]
[mood |cheerful*CANT WAIT!!! NO SCHOOL EITHER]
[music |some sogn that i know_Smashing Pumpkins]

i beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
this is the dawning of the rest of our lives
on holiday.
^ holiday- gReEn DaY <3333 BESTBANDALIVE x0x0

im writing this journal until Tuesday afternoon
or until i want to write what i have done down*

but tonight.. i packed for mountains with crystal

uhmmm went to the mall - with ian n' crystal
did some stuff.. and i saw JERMEY = lonG losT loveR
wow [i was stunned when i saw him]for 10 mins i started
talking about him, its so werid when you havent seen or
thought about somebody in a long time and you finally see them

anyways i saw kaytee and winter* aT the pH0ne place
right now i really wanna get tickets to a green day concert
which i know is neveR evEr gonna happen soon ^^^^ - ilovethem

ill update tuesday maybe
xx- buBbLeGiRl- haha yeahh, get better Ian<3 IM SORRY BABE
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what people do for love </3 [Feb. 18th, 2005|10:22 am]
[mood |sleepy.. i slept 13 hours last night]
[music |im not ok (my chemical romance <33]

I tried to be perfect, but nothing was worth it
I don't believe it makes me real
I thought it'd be easy, but no one believes me
I meant all the things that I said.

This place is so empty
My thoughts are so tempting
I don't know how it got so bad
Sometimes it's so crazy
That nothing can save me,
But it's the only thing that I have.
- pieces by sum 41 [good sogn]

well i havent updated my entry in a long time
my computer has been gay and i couldnt get on
well.. uhmmm i saw are we there yet? and boogeyman
thats like last weekend.. school is getting tougher
ms. davis is getting fucking retarted - but she is already

i feel like crap today and i feel empty inside </3 maybe its my heart, thats been acting up* all i know is that im crappy yesturday DUDE I SLEPT 13 HOURS with a stuffy nose, acking bones, sore throat, lossing voice and uhmmmm what else stomach ache --- but i gotta deal with it ill update after i know what the FOUR DAY WEEKEND bringsss* =) YESSSSSSSS hells yeah -- but on the other side got two reports to do too =( NOOOOOOO Xx- StUffEd uP giRl i dont believe </3
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OMMMMMMMMMMG AGAIN!!!!! [Feb. 11th, 2005|11:20 pm]
[mood |sleepy..wake me up lateR]
[music |Give me Novacaine_Green Day <333333333333333]

JESUS CRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just wrote this amazing journal
of my great exciting life, and it
all got erased- STUPID ASS COMPUTER

dude.. im frickingggggg out and im
suPer mad, fuckkkk my side hurts
damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i hate perioDs
wow- i said the WORD [im a idol now]

not even gonna waste my time writing
a whole new entry, this sucks balls!

im so tired as anything, and stressed
ill update later- jeezzzz,this bites
Xx-mE </3
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.. almost wished it [Feb. 10th, 2005|12:09 pm]
[mood |shocked..i thought it was over]
[music |Smile like you mean it_The Killers <3*]

well, today went peachy lol i got it from "Jawbreaker" = great movie
and right now im dRinkinG Hawaiian Punch(Bodacious Berry) from lunch
because i didnt get to drink it all at lunch, because the lines are
so damn long =(

anyho.. i just heard i was the big rumor of the day, and how im such
a hoe and all - yeahh, im def. not so shut your fucking mouths but
luckierly my bestestetest friend Andrew Farace.. told those fuckers
off =) JEEZ, i love my friends xo

yeahhh, i ate at Friendly's with Crystal n' Ian last night.. my best
friends too lol - and it was a fun night!! - greatttt new memoRieS to
share when we get older and laugh our wigs off*

today went peachy as before, had a quick quiz in Social Studies
.. hate dealing with stupid ass kids in science = Anthony Silvester
annnnd also my math teacher was nice today!! - HOLY SHIT!! its a first

well, ill update when i have better news
and for all you shit heads, stop the damn rumors
exspecially if there not true.thats just gay ^^^
x0- m0ody giRl
brand new <333
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.. im the luckiest girl [Feb. 9th, 2005|02:50 pm]
[mood |enthralled.. new change*]
[music |Since you've been gone_Kelly Clarkson]

They didn't agree on much in fact they rarely agreed on anything
They faught all the time -n they challenged eachother everyday
But in spite of there differences they had one important thing in common
They were crazy about eachother
t h e_n o t e b o o k

SCORE, i got my hair dyed - finally!!!
my hair is "ash brown" dark brown =)
it looks really good to me, i look cool lol

some idiots think my hair looks Ashlee Simpson
and they kept saying lip singer and get of stage
it was fucking imbarresing.. i respect her but i
dont want to get made fun of and shit - but fuck them

RIGHT ON!! hahaha well.. had the lunch detention today
it was funny with my lowfat blueberry yogart!! - hahha Licky*

well ill update tomorrows news - cant wait till t0night get to
chill with my favorite two people.. ian n' crystal = WERIDOS =]
Xo- the best
smile <3
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..i just want to be wonderful [Feb. 8th, 2005|09:31 pm]
[mood |bouncy.. cant stop this bounce]
[music |Its not easy_Dave Matthews Band =)]

a whole new world
a new fantastic point of view
no one to tell us no
or where to go
or say we're only dreaming
Aladdin <33

Caitlin Rose is my loveR

sorry i havent updated for
like 3 days, maybe ive been
busy lol.. n0- i have no life

well, i saw "BoogeyMan" on Friday
with Crystal.. which was fucking scary
Godd- but atleast Barry Watson was the main character
damnnnn hes so effing hot!! AHHall the older guys are hotttt

uhmmm.. gotta lunch detetion with Mr. EdwaRds AGAIN!!! =\
lets see - the 3rd one this whole year [thats pretty good]

well ill update tomorrow, and see how my life schedule goes lol
x3- me
iloveyou x0
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.. SUPER BOWL EXCITMENT [Feb. 5th, 2005|04:46 pm]
[mood |contemplativetwo great things, in one day?!]
[music |I dare you to move_Switchedfoot]

yeahhh.. ive been sitting here just chillin
watched some tv, Grind + Enough?! yeahh them
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm ive been getting ready all
day for nothing.. hahahah yeahhh im cool jKKK

idk what im doing tonight.. prob mall or something
im really fucking bored and im about to pull my hair
outta my effing head - but that would hurt so im not
going to

cant wait till camp starts and schools out OFCOURSE!!
im thinking im gonna be a CIT - consuler in training
yeahhh ^^ im taking care of litte kids [ thats gonna
be funny ] AHAHAHHA ME TAKING CARE OF KIDS thats half
my age

SCARY, I KNOW ----- also cant wait till SUPER BOWL!!!!!
one day. one team. one city. one dream - thats riight
tomorrow i think if the eagles win, im dying/highlighting

well ill update tomorrow.. and tell you what my plans are
x0- gigGle giRl
beautiful soul <3
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GO EAGLES!! [Feb. 4th, 2005|03:59 pm]
[mood |hopefulplease birds!!]
[music |Somebody told me_The Killers <33]

uhmmm yeah.. superbowl is in like 2 days!!
cannnt wait, gonna be close ass game and
also if the Eagles win i get to dye/highlight
your gonna have to wait, to see what color its
gonna be ARENT YOU!!.. ahah me and my dad are
betting! this is the only thing we've done together

school is fine, tougher than i thought - gonna be ok
sorry i havent updated in like 2 days, but whatever
ive been busy, or my sister wouldnt let me on or something
valentines day is soon!! AND I LIKE A 33 YEAR OLD on Feb 17
------------ BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG <333333333 --------------
even if he wears eyeliner[which is hot] hes still my favorite!!
damnnn.. some people are inconsiderate ignorant morons!! GODDDDD
i hate people sometimes.. well anyways life is going fine and ill
update whenever i had a real story to tell you.. ahaha im a werido
x0- your favorite
come back in <3
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fuck love!! </3 [Feb. 2nd, 2005|03:14 pm]
[mood |rejected..why do i even try!!?]
[music |Nobodys home_Avril Lavrigne]

everything will be all right
after all these thoughts of
us being together again, maybe
it wasnt meant to be </3 it seems.. every little thing i try to do, is worthless to you GOD- how silly of me, do try to fix us back together its never going to happen again - as i know this really sucks!! its all my fault always will be my mistake when we look back in the future.. why did i have to break us apart =[ well.. today im really depressed, but never let it show because people know me as "dayna" the giggly preppy girl* thats how im reconized maybe im just faking it! you never know what i do when im home, and not in this fucking school full of drama! anyways.. the good news we gots our report cards back i got all A's and two B's [ Bs= science, and math ] =] not too bad!! hahahaha and all of you who thought i was as dumb as a brick IM ACTUALLY PRETTY SMART!! HUH ASSWIPE sorry didnt update yesturday, you know i always cant keep you in touch, with my boring ass life! I HAVE A LIFE TOO ahhahaha yeahhhh.. im trying to smile less and be nicer because i think im a very negative mean girl to most people = NOT GOOD!! got the gym tonight, ewww cycling* atleast its something new and its a dark room, with lights everywhere when we drink all the water we want and just ride away on our bikes = PRETTY GOOD!?! well ill try to update later, when im ready too x0- whats my name ?! its hard </3
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